Everything to Give

The past week has been exhausting in our household. We haven’t been busy though; we’ve simply had 2 sickly little ones. Due to the nature of their illnesses, we basically put us on quarantine. This week has been grueling, but it has given me perspective. I know of many parents that have children that need … [Read more…]

The Big Picture

I think one characteristic of mine that has helped me get through some very hard times is being introspective. Now, some may associate that with being an introvert, of which I am not. I’m looking at it from the analytical side. I am always looking inward to figure out how to change or better something. … [Read more…]


As my oldest gets older, his questioning becomes more complex. It should. He is beginning to take the world he knows and the answers provided and put them together. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. He wanted a bedtime story the other night but not from one of his books. I began to create a story … [Read more…]

You’re Not Nice

“You’re not being nice.” I hear that statement all too often being a mom of strong-willed 4-year-old. When I heard it the other night though, it triggered a different thought in me. I started wondering “What is he saying to himself as he says that to me?” He is possibly preparing for his counter argument … [Read more…]