Just Miss Him

   Have you ever walked out of the house and felt like you have forgotten something, but you could not figure it out? That’s me lately except I know why I’m feeling that. It is so strange how that feeling comes over me in waves. In the words of my teenage students, “the struggle is … [Read more…]

I Still Cry

  I haven’t written in a while, but it definitely isn’t for lack of emotions. I can barely find the time just to sit and process what I’m currently feeling, much less type it out.   I’ve been missing Wyatt’s hands lately. I’m sure it is because little brother is starting to really play with his … [Read more…]


This last month and a half has been a whirlwind. We’ve been just adjusting to life with an infant and toddler, relearning all of those newborn things to look for, teaching big brother  how to be careful with little brother since he thinks that he always HAS to touch him, celebrating a birthday and finally … [Read more…]

3 little boys

  “How many children do you have?” I’ve addressed that question more times within the last week than I have since I had my first 3 years ago. I’ve spoken of my angel Wyatt more than one would think considering we just had little boy #3 last week. My youngest has a feature that is … [Read more…]

In the calm

 As I sit in my recliner at 4:52am, finally giving up the sleeping battle, I’m left with the silence and my thoughts on this emotional day.  For the past 38 weeks and 4 days I’ve awoken every morning thinking “I can’t handle another heartbreak.” I’ve never been that glass half empty person, but there I … [Read more…]

Angelic Welchs

   My oldest never ceases to amaze me. My nerves are really kicking in with our newest little guy’s upcoming arrival. Today when I picked up Barrett from school (well daycare), I got his craft out of his box. I just laughed because angelic is usually not a descriptive word I think of when I … [Read more…]

Reliving that week

  There I was, walking into work on the first day of school last Monday, vividly remembering that last year I didn’t start school with everyone else. While my coworkers were fighting first day traffic, I was lying in a hospital bed not hearing the sound of my sweet Wyatt’s heart. The silence spoke volumes! … [Read more…]