Where I Am

    Let me begin by stating that no matter where you may be on your journey in grief, that is where you should be.     I have experienced anguish in my life prior to losing my son. I have had moments where I thought that life couldn’t possibly get worse; I was clearly … [Read more…]

Wyatt’s Tree

   Weeks following Wyatt’s death, I started the search for the his symbol. What would I use to represent him? What charm could I get in his memory? Nothing ever stood out. This tormented me! It is like having a great outfit and catch find a pair of shoes that compliment to save your life … [Read more…]

A morning lullaby

I woke up this morning and missed youOh so dearI then looked to the sky andsaw that the moon was sitting quite nearNext to moon there hung a starThat began to twinkle and blinkAs if the crescent moonWas your smileAnd with starry eye, you winkedYou’ve worked hard little oneAll night long keeping watchAs we closed … [Read more…]

It isn’t fair

Everyone’s heard “time heals all wounds” and “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” The author of these quotes obviously didn’t bury a child. Time Heals All Wounds: Time is an illusion in the world of grief. There were some days shortly after Wyatt’s death that I was fine and holding it together … [Read more…]