Til Death Do We Part

   I need to preface this post by saying that I normally wouldn’t discuss my husband or what he’s going through during this journey, but in light of our 10 year anniversary approaching this Thursday, I felt that it was appropriate to discuss how this journey can affect a marriage.     Nathen and I have … [Read more…]

New Traditions

    Here we go again. Another first approaches right around the corner, Easter! I keep telling myself that with each holiday and special event, this is going to get easier. Fake it until you make it, right? It is so easy to get caught up in the madness of every holiday we celebrate and … [Read more…]

Talking about him

Talking about Wyatt to other adults has highs and lows. There are times when talking about him brings me peace and really no sadness, and then other times I can barely find the words to speak.    When I started back at work, after my leave, I never discussed him or my lose with my … [Read more…]

The Box

Every so often I go into Wyatt’s box. This box holds some extremely important pieces of my son. I have the first hospital hat that was put on him, the comb that was used on him after Dorothy bathed him, the beautiful crocheted blanket and the sweet gown made for babies like him by amazing … [Read more…]

Rainbow Baby

6 months ago, today, we learned we lost our Wyatt. Ironically, one month ago, today, we learned that we were expecting again. Talk about terror! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t jumping up for joy. It isn’t that I don’t value the little life inside of me; I’m just waiting on the shoe to drop. This … [Read more…]


       Change is inevitable in life. It is part of getting older. I’ve always been a firm believer that the situations in your life make you but your reaction to it is what molds you. The odd thing about that school of thought is that losing Wyatt changed me before I even had … [Read more…]

Cemetery Mom

       I was scrolling through my Facebook feed late one night as I laid there trying to go sleep, and I began to notice all of the posts about being a baseball mom or a softball mom or a basketball mom or a dancer mom and it got me thinking. (like I really … [Read more…]

Little Brother

     While I was pregnant, my oldest was one; therefore, he really didn’t know what was happening. His world was about to be totally flipped upside down. He was the baby. Heck, he was still called “baby Barrett” by so many people. I couldn’t get him to say “baby” or “brother” or “Wyatt.” I … [Read more…]