An unexpected smile

   Here lately I see, hear, and experience things that are gut-wrenching reminders of Wyatt. They aren’t the reminders that make me smile; they are the ones that make miss him more and more. I’m sure it is because his day is approaching and that’s making me apprehensive.   Yesterday, though, I stumbled across an unexpected … [Read more…]

His Day

        As August 18th approaches, I keep asking myself “What do I call this day?” Some call it an anniversary; others call it an angelversary; some can actually refer to it as a birthday; while there are those that call it a heaven birthday. My mom and dad have both said, “Does … [Read more…]

The Countdown Begins

     Tomorrow will mark me being 30 weeks along in this pregnancy. Oh, how this milestone meant something so different with my previous two pregnancies. It meant excitement, anticipation, impatience, and putting the final touches on everything to get ready for my baby.     Tomorrow means that in 5 weeks, it will have been … [Read more…]

Just for him

    Already having 2 boys means that this third boy already has everything he needs. Even though I am totally unprepared for him (no room, no name, etc.), I know that if for some reason he made his appearance tomorrow, we would be fine. I’d simply send people to the storage unit, get out … [Read more…]


I came across this writing the other day. I originally wrote it about 3 months after losing Wyatt. “The other day while driving home from picking up Barrett, I glanced in my rear view mirror as I often do to check on him. For a split second, I saw the image of Wyatt in his car … [Read more…]