Here I Stand

I usually get lost in thought if I’m ever in  a moment of silence and calm. Those moments are very rare being a school teacher and mom chasing 2 little ones around, but occasionally, they do occur. My rainbow baby will be 1 next week. How strange time really is and how bizarre it is … [Read more…]

Messy Grief

   As the second Wyatt’s Day approaches, honestly faster than what I’m ready for, I’ve been trying to focus more on the joy he brought me and the face I can give to this unspoken sadness instead of just burying myself in tears.   I have met so many great people through this journey thus far … [Read more…]

9 months

     9 months of joy! No, I’m NOT expecting again. That is what most expecting parents are anticipating…9 months of joy and all that goes with it. So many people get that experience. Even if the mommy-to-be is having morning sickness or other not so pleasant symptoms of pregnancy, it is typically still joyous. … [Read more…]