The fern

This fern has been a part of our family for as long as Wyatt has been gone from this earth. Omi (my mom) nurtured it in the beginning phase, along with about 6 other plants! When I finally brought it home I honestly thought “well, it was beautiful while it lasted.” Plants and I don’t … [Read more…]

I love you THIS much

Before having children, you hear people talk about how a mother’s and father’s capacity to love grows with each child and that no little one is shorted love even if they’re #5. That’s one of those things you truly can’t fully comprehend until it’s you. Granted, I don’t have 5 children but the premise, I … [Read more…]

Made and Molded

At a very early age I had become more self-aware than most my age. Life wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, and reality sometimes seemed too much to handle. I persevered though. I held onto my faith and my ground. I remember one night talking with my mom when I was about 13 and I said … [Read more…]

I’m Not Broken

I typically don’t write multiple posts in the same week, but something happened that compelled me (well, really moved me) to do so. Occasionally I’ll have people who I don’t know who read my blog respond to it. Some are encouraging, some are to share a similar sentiment as to what I posted about, and … [Read more…]

Just Down the Road

About a month ago, I started meeting with a grief counselor. To some that may seem odd considering Wyatt’s death was a little over 2 years ago. Why now? I truly felt like I was handling life and everything pretty well, but I found myself making excuses for different facets of my life that weren’t … [Read more…]

Moving Music

I’ve always believed in the power of music. A certain melody can give you chills. A chorus can stop you in your tracks. If you had to make a soundtrack for your life, it would probably be constructed of songs from all different genres that speak to different elements of your journey. Music can be … [Read more…]