Never Know Who’s Watching

I typically write about my 3-ring circus or a very worthy organization, but today I feel compelled to express some of my other thoughts.

You see, I compartmentalized all of my emotions. It works easier that way.

Yesterday I attended a beautiful memorial for a dear co-worker, friend, person. There was so much goodness to take in among the tears. Jenni was this force, a force that was undeniably present, and even in her absence, it is still there. Friends and family excerpts from her blog to show the different aspects of Jenni. We laughed; we cried; we laughed some more.

It was perfectly Jenni.

As I got in my car, I was reminded how much personal, emotional turmoil we’ve experienced at work this year. We have each other, and we’re handling the situations as a family does, together.

Another precious friend of mine received news that was beyond unexpected. She’s a fighter; she’s one of the strongest people I know; and she’s still more worried about the rest of us than she is herself.

I want to be like these 2 women when I grow up.

We held a prayer service for Sharon and the room was packed! The memorial was filled to the brim! I was amazed over the turnouts, but to say I was surprised would be a lie. When you touch that many people, it only makes sense you’re paid back tenfold.

If we all had the forethought to live our lives realizing that we’re watched every minute, we might stop to think about what we are truly doing in those minutes.

Authenticity matters. I’m not saying to plan and stage your life, but live it with intention and purpose. Know that there are more “people-watchers” than you realize. This shouldn’t stop you from being you but, instead, provide encouragement in knowing that your impact and legacy will be known and will affect more than you can name. This is what I’ve learned and taken from these amazing women:

Love who you are and everyone around you. When you have no more to give, give more. If there is a song that speaks to you, dance (even in the grocery line). Smile when you cry, because if you’re crying, you were lucky enough to have that much love.

With Love-Heather

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