A Tree for Heaven

I want to offer an invitation for others to join in on this Christmas. At first, we were just going to put up an artificial tree in Wyatt’s corner for him this year. My heart was tugged at, and now plans have changed.

Instead of it being a tree just for him, it will hold a special place for others that have left this world.

A ribbon will be placed on the tree for every person that someone wants acknowledged this Christmas season. The ribbon will have their name, an angel wing symbol, and a date of your choice. You can also choose for the ribbon to be blank. I will send a picture to you of your ribbon on the tree and a picture of the entire tree.

God sent his son with the plan that He would open the gates of heaven for us. As we celebrate His birthday, let us be reminded and comforted in knowing that the birth of this baby led to a glorious eternal home for all of those that we love and miss so dearly. With Love-Heather


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