Just Thankful

We’ve all heard “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Is it ever really gone though? I don’t think so. Maybe the person, the object, the job, the moment is no longer there for you to look at, touch, be at or be in, but whatever the “it” is has left its mark.

An impression was left and it isn’t temporary.

People you consider strangers at the stores and at the park leave an imprint on you. You might not realize it….ever, but a mark remains. The memories of others (negative, positive, or indifferent) help you to make future choices and therefore, new memories.

Who would you be without those “its”?

I’m almost positive that we’ve all said aloud that we wished we could have skipped over something or someone. You might have gone as far as to regret it. I know that I have.

I also learned years ago that as unbearable as some situations or even people are, that it is the path we are meant to be on. We’re not meant to understand it, but we are supposed to be right where are, by those people, at that time. I know this to be true, but I also am aware that knowing this doesn’t make it any easier.

So why we can’t we just box those things up and ship them off?

Because they taught or are teaching you something. Remember when I said that some of these impressions go completely unnoticed? How can ship off something you didn’t know you had? Past life experiences have taught me a valuable lesson that I forget too often. Be thankful. Be thankful for what and who I have. Be thankful that I get to try to be better each morning. Be thankful that even if my life is in toilet and there’s no light at the end of the drain pipe, I still have the opportunity to try.

As a parent of 2 extremely high-strung boys, I find myself stressed more than probably is necessary. Over the past month, I’ve been making a conscious effort to say out loud “Thank you Lord for _____” before I proceed with one or both of them. Even in the worst moments, even in my lowest moments as a mom, I am beyond grateful that they were chosen to be my boys.

I knew what I had when I learned Wyatt was no longer with us. I didn’t need him gone to know his value.

7:13am August 18, 2014- impression made

So this Thanksgiving, I’ll still miss him just as I have every minute since then and still want him with us, because what mom wouldn’t, but I’m also going to stop and Be.Thankful. Thankful that he’s allowed me to love his brothers in a way I don’t know that I would have figured out without him. His physical absence has taught me more about being present than any self-help book ever could. I’m just thankful that he was given to me.

I might not always like this place I’m at, but I do know that I’m where I’m supposed to be, beside the people I’m supposed to be beside. For that, I’m thankful. With Love-Heather

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