To be that mom….

Are you lucky enough to have a true best friend?

I am talking about a legit, sincere, knows you better than yourself best friend.

Are you blessed enough to have a great woman for your mom? You know, the kind of mom that everyone else claims because she’s that great?

Are you fortunate enough to have those two people in one person? I am. She is everything to me I need and so many things I didn’t even know I needed.

Growing up, she was the fun mom. She meant business when it was called for but in between those moments, you would catch her laughing, cutting loose, and loving life. She was the tough mom. She gave her all and expected the same of you. She was honest, even when you didn’t want to hear it; ok, especially when you didn’t want to hear it. She was mom with the best hugs. For as fun, tough, and honest as she was, she was equally as compassionate and kind.

We’ve spent a lifetime taking care of each other. My dad and husband are phenomenal men, but a mom and daughter just have their own ways. My life has been spent listening to her give life lessons, getting lost on shopping trips only 20 minutes from our house, annoying my dad with our ridiculously loud late night conversations, and so much more.

She was all of those things and still is.

Becoming a mom has changed our relationship, but it should. I lean on my husband, but she’s always there catching the shoe falling. I have the strength I have to share Wyatt largely due to her support. I’ve thought she was an amazing mom, but she’s got this Omi (grandma in German) thing down! To say my boys are crazy about her is an understatement.

She tells everyone that “she’s riding on dad’s coattails into heaven,” but I’m positive she’s got her own reserved spot. Wyatt’s up there saving seats.

Of course he is; he’s crazy about his Omi too.

I don’t thank her nearly enough for being all that she is to me, my husband, and my boys. “Thank you” seems so small when the gratitude you feel is so large. I’m so glad that God gave me to her.

I hope you have half of what I have with my mom, but if not, I pray that you have someone who fills that spot. I pray you have someone who loves you hard and fights even harder for you; I pray you have someone who is always honest but compassionate with you; but most of all, I pray that you have someone who cares for you like Christ does…. unconditional. With Love- Heather


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