Everything to Give

The past week has been exhausting in our household. We haven’t been busy though; we’ve simply had 2 sickly little ones. Due to the nature of their illnesses, we basically put us on quarantine. This week has been grueling, but it has given me perspective. I know of many parents that have children that need constant medical attention, and they’re always on it. I’ve always held a great admiration for those parents, because I’ve always known that it has to be tiring and wear on them. I also know that those parents would do absolutely anything for the child, so the child’s needs always outweigh personal desires, like sleep.

This past week also took me back to that hospital bed in postpartum. I sat there drowning in tears talking to my mom and dad. I remember we were discussing what my husband was doing to get the all of the arrangements taken care of. I just lost it. I remember raising my voice, as much as I could with that still paralyzed feeling. I said “Why did God not let me keep him? Was he sick? Doesn’t He know I would have done anything for him?” My dad embraced me and tried his best to find words to console me.

I’m not comparing my exhaustion this week with those parents that give their everything everyday to child in need at all. It was definitely a reminder,though, of being thankful for what I was given.

Tired or well-rested, sickly or healthy, I am grateful I have his brothers to pour everything I have into. With Love-Heather

God bless all of those Rockstar parents!

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