The Big Picture

I think one characteristic of mine that has helped me get through some very hard times is being introspective. Now, some may associate that with being an introvert, of which I am not. I’m looking at it from the analytical side. I am always looking inward to figure out how to change or better something. I have no problems asking others for their perspective, but when I ask people for their view of something, I’m not asking them to fix the problem.

I just like to have the whole picture.

You see, I’m one of those people that wants to see the cover of a puzzle box as I’m working on it. I know the general assembly rules of puzzle making, but I like knowing the big picture while I’m working on the details. Depending on the number of pieces, I’ll inevitably get frustrated and walk away a couple of times, but I come back because I know what I’m working towards.

Planning for my children was similar to constructing a puzzle. I knew the big picture was that (my husband) and I were now responsible for these little lives and we would be their world. It didn’t really matter what activity player they had or what color the diaper bag was or if their room was decorated. But it did. Little details to fill the big picture.

What really mattered was us getting as emotionally and mentally prepared as possible.

Ha! Funny right? Reading all of the books, eating the right foods, following the doctor’s orders took what little energy I had left.

I thought it just a pregnancy puzzle. Nope. It’s a parenthood puzzle.

Since my 3 deliveries have happened, I’ve walked away a few times. (Meaning locked myself in the bathroom or went in my room to scream into a pillow)

I use my introspection to try to help me navigate motherhood. Multiple times a day, all of my boys are reminding me of the big picture.

The first book that was read to all boys. ❤

With Love-Heather


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