He hears me

The older you get, the more aware you become of who is listening to you. As a mother, I am undeniably aware that everything I say is heard by little ears (even when they don’t acknowledge it).

Barrett heard me speaking of something related to Wyatt the other day but decided to hold any and all thoughts about it until yesterday morning on the drive to school.

“Mom, remember the other day you talking about Wyatt?”


“Mom, remember what those mean guys did to Jesus? But he’s better in heaven cause he came back alive.”

“You’re right Barrett. Jesus came back alive and went to heaven to open it up for all of us. Isn’t that awesome? That’s where Wyatt is.”

“Wyatt can’t come back alive but that’s ok. He’s in our hearts, right mommy?”

“You are so right.”

That 4 1/2-year-old may stress me out, but his heart melts me! He is a constant reminder of God’s love and mercy. His little brother is clearly listening too. Every morning, I ask Wyatt to keep close tabs on his brothers for me. He hears me.

Though pieces of my heart are out of place, I know that I’m blessed. With Love- Heather

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