The fern

This fern has been a part of our family for as long as Wyatt has been gone from this earth. Omi (my mom) nurtured it in the beginning phase, along with about 6 other plants! When I finally brought it home I honestly thought “well, it was beautiful while it lasted.” Plants and I don’t typically get along. By talking about it I’m probably condemning it now!

My cousins sent a tree for me to grow, and I did for while. After about 8 months though, nothing was working to help it grow. I felt horrible because I know the thought that went into the gift, but my success rate (like I said) pretty low.

PLANT LIFE 20ish Heather 0

This bird’s nest fern,though, is determined! Right when I think it’s over, it isn’t. People say it’s because it’s a fern. That logic sounds great but I’ve killed bamboo. Bamboo people!!! I’d like to think some divine intervention is at work.

Simple, but it’s another reminder that Wyatt’s spirit is always present. With Love- Heather

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