Christmas in the Clouds

Instead of getting a photo opportunity with the big man in red, do you all sit around and listen to St. Nicholas tell his version of his story? Since you already have the ultimate gift of life-everlasting with our Lord, do you spend your time planning gifts you will try to send down to earth? Some we won’t get when it is initially sent; some we can’t get because we can’t accept this life without you fully; some we will get when we need it most to know that you never really left. I wonder what Christmas lights look like from above. Are you as in awe as your brothers are? I imagine St. Paul puts on a pretty spectacular light display! As we ready our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I can’t fathom how magnificent the angel choir is that is preparing for this phenomenal day! Do you have your wings yet? Is that a gift or something you earn?

If your Christmas wasn’t in the clouds, you would be in midst of it all. You’d be helping with desserts (making and eating probably), going back and forth around the tree searching for your favorite ornament, singing songs, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa. This year will be my third Christmas without you. How can that be? I just held you the other day, right?

Though my heart breaks and tears may fall, I will cherish and honor your memory this Christmas seaaon. With Love- Heather

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