Moving Music

I’ve always believed in the power of music. A certain melody can give you chills. A chorus can stop you in your tracks. If you had to make a soundtrack for your life, it would probably be constructed of songs from all different genres that speak to different elements of your journey. Music can be healing to a soul but also can be a brief reminder of darker days.

Today in the car, I heard “A Baby   Everything” by Faith Hill. It is obviously about the birth of Jesus and how Mary and Joseph are affected, but I pulled some things from it that I never had before. Mary was scared initially. There was hesitation; there was uncertainty. She chose trust over it all even when she knew that this little baby could and would cause ripples.

Now, hear me out. I am in NO way comparing myself to mother Mary, but I get it! I understand that hesitation; I completely get uncertainty. I; however, haven’t yet just totally let go and chosen complete trust. A baby DOES change everything. A little boy who never lived one second outside of my womb has left a mark on so many people. A little boy who was only seen by 20 people (in person) watches over us and has changed how those 20 people see life and death. A baby changes everything! With Love-Heather

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