Faith’s Melody

Oh the excitement, the wonders, the joys, the possibilities conceiving your first child brings! Take all of that and now flip it. It sounds like the beginning to Lifetime movie, but unfortunately, it is reality. It was Matt and Cassy’s reality nearly 2 years ago. As Cassy and Matt were on their way to the “big ultrasound,” their minds thought nothing of what was really about to happen. They were anxious to see their little one, hear that sweet heartbeat, and find out which color was going to dominate their lives. They had no clue that the people they were before they walked into that room were not going to be the same people that walked out of it. What they walked in expecting to see, hear, and learn about was not the case. Instead, they learned that their baby was no longer with them. It wasn’t until after they delivered that they discovered their angel was a girl.

“I learned my “hunch” was correct as I delivered a baby girl that we named Faith.”
    Being at home without a baby, when just a couple days ago you were pregnant, is truly indescribable. Cassy, like many moms that have lost, didn’t want to leave her home. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to see people. Sometimes that might have been the case, but her main reason was that she would have to leave that place that held Faith’s things. She needed a piece of Faith with her, Cassy did just that; she created a simple, yet significant necklace with Faith’s name on it so she could wear it and take Faith everywhere.
      I remember Cassy telling this story at our SHARE group, and I can still her face lighting up as she proudly showed her necklace to all of us. Faith was a piece of that necklace! Cassy made several of us necklaces with our little one’s names. It is a treasured piece of jewelry.
     A couple months after Cassy and Matt had to let Faith go, one of her dearest friends suffered HELLP (related to preeclampsia, but not exactly the same) and lost her daughter at 32 weeks. Her daughter’s name is Melody. Cassy knew what Faith’s necklace did for her and how much us SHARE mothers appreciated our necklaces, so she made one for her friend, Ashlee. Cassy was right; Ashlee did need it. Though these baby girls went to the Lord at different stages in development and their leaving was due to different circumstances, they would be the catalyst that Cassy and Matt needed to make this ministry and outreach reality.
      “Faith’s melody will sing beyond her heavenly spot.”
 The organization was born. The calling was obvious. The mission was accepted.
*Faith’s Melody aims to provide remembrance necklaces to parents of pregnancy and infancy loss. We understand that seeing your sweet baby’s name is a very important part of healing and wearing a remembrance necklace can be comforting.*
I can’t speak for Cassy, but I know this is true. Losing a child hurts your heart in a way that the English language can’t begin to interpret. Doing for others, as Cassy and Matt are doing, does something else for the heart. It doesn’t fix it or fill it. It gives your heart and soul a purpose.  I’ve only known Cassy for  short period of time, but what I know of her, is that she hurts for each mommy that she makes these precious necklaces for. She prays for each family and for each little soul that got to heaven before we did. Her necklaces are a piece of her daughter that she’s sharing with all of us, and man oh man, are we lucky to have a little Faith close to all of our hearts.

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