My pain is not yours

Although I have wept an unimaginable amount of times for my hurt, when I weep for you is not the same. Losing a child regardless of the moments that led up to it, is difficult. In our hearts we are saying we will see you later when we get to that glorious place that you have gone. Our head makes us say goodbye instead because we won’t see you or tickle you or hear your sweet songs for oh so very long. Grief doesn’t make sense. You laugh when you should cry. You cry when you should laugh. You feel bad for smiling because you had a moment of joy in this terrible time. You feel bad for being sad all the time because you can’t stand the pity that it brings out in everybody. Your pain is not mine and though we may pass each other on this Twisted Road, we travel at different paces while making different pitstops.

May you see that you aren’t alone and though our story might be similar, each are different and each are valid. With Love-Heather

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