Living is Grieving

   That breathless feeling creeps up when you least expect it. I guess it was time. Wyatt’s Day came and went. I was undeniably sad and cried but I wasn’t rocked as much as I thought I would be. Maybe life got in the way of my grief. Maybe I was ok on Wyatt’s Day.

 Over this weekend, I must have had more moments of true silence and calm. Memories of that day kept flooding over me at random moments throughout the weekend. I just wanted to stay in bed; I just wanted to be in one place; I didn’t, though. I got up, took care of my other little ones, and did family events with my husband and kids.

   Being around others was probably good for me, but this weekend was a reality check that I’m not allowing myself enough time to continue to grieve. Grief has no timeline; Grief is unpredictable; Grief is now a part of my life and if I’m going to live to the fullest, I must allow moments of grief to weave in and out. With Love- Heather


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