We’re in this Together

     Have you ever experienced a situation in your life when you’re facing something that you’ve never heard of people facing or if you have heard of it, it was nowhere around you? It isn’t until you go through it that all of sudden everyone you know has either gone through or has been affected by it. Strange, huh?
     That was infant death for me. I knew it happened, but before losing Wyatt I only knew of a couple people, literally, that had experienced a loss close to mine. I knew several people that suffered miscarriages, and that must be tortuous within itself, but I didn’t know much about stillborn experiences.
    After losing Wyatt, so many people opened up to me about their journey. We began attending a bereavement group specifically for prenatal and infant loss, and I was introduced to a whole new online community of parents that have said goodbye to child.
   The Race to Remember is coming up in two weekends and hundreds of moms and dads will join together for a common purpose to help with our individual healing. It is pretty powerful. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and going back through a book I first read after we initially said goodbye to him. I thought the following excerpt was fitting.

It reminds me of several exchanges between someone I would consider a friend as we discussed how our boys are probably looking down just laughing and shaking their heads at their grandmothers. Our moms are great friends and great women.
   Though we have all said goodbye for different reasons and at different stages to our babies, we understand each other like no one else can. -With love, Heather

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