Wyatt’s Tree

   Weeks following Wyatt’s death, I started the search for the his symbol. What would I use to represent him? What charm could I get in his memory? Nothing ever stood out. This tormented me! It is like having a great outfit and catch find a pair of shoes that compliment to save your life or the room you began remodeling but you’ve had to change your original idea a few times. That lingering feeling consumed me but, as always, I refused to settle!
     It finally hit me around his one year anniversary! A tree! Not just any tree but a tree is what we would use. Why a tree you may wonder. The irony of me using a plant to represent anything is so grand considering I have no botany skills whatsoever. When he passed, my cousins bought us a tree to grow. I worked hard on that tree. Unfortunately it couldn’t handle the elements, but it lasted a long time (for me). A dear friend of mine purchased a tree in a national forest in honor of Wyatt. I had no clue that was even a thing! Trees caught my attention more. The way they changed, and the differences in the feel of it with leaves and without became more apparent to me. So I had decided what I wanted but it wasn’t out there.
    Remember, I don’t settle. I talked it over with my husband; he liked my idea and then I texted a dear friend. I have many talents but drawing is nowhere near that list. He, however, can draw. I explained what I wanted. After several attempts at him trying to put this image I had in my head onto paper, he got it! I know I stressed him a little (maybe a lot) but he loves me enough that he’ll take a little stress for me.
    You see, I know several people with drawing abilities and several students of mine are magnificent artists, but I asked him for a reason. He’s more than a friend; he’s family. He’s one of men in our lives that my husband asked to carry Wyatt at his funeral. He helped carry him down the church aisle and to his final resting place. I know that all pallbearers are important to the family, but there’s something about carrying your best friend’s child for them. It is a responsibility like no other. Wyatt is definitely keeping watch of his Uncle Randy and Uncle Nick.
    So a tree, a imperfectly perfectly shaped tree is the symbol I’m using. An image that symbolizes life is what I’m using to represent the life he lived in me and the everlasting life he has with God.
     With love- Heather

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