Mommy’s bed

    I don’t remember sleeping or crawling into my mom and dad’s bed when I was really little but I’m sure I did.
    Long before my oldest was born I always said that my kids wouldn’t sleep with my husband and I in our bed. I was concerned about a habit forming but more concerned with safety. I’m a pretty active sleeper, to put it nicely. I knew that it worked for a lot of people; it just wasn’t something I saw working for me. When Barrett was born I stuck to that philosophy.
   It wasn’t until he was a little bigger that I would briefly bring him to bed and usually only when he was sick. Since then, Barrett has slept in our bed with us quite often either because he was sick or having bad dreams.
    My philosophy has changed a little since Patton has arrived. I still am not comfortable with Patton sleeping in our bed all night for safety purposes but don’t go crazy overboard like I did a few years ago.
     My bed has become more than just the place we sleep. It is where boo boos become not so bad. It is where I cuddle with my little guys and watch movies. It is where I nurse my sweet baby. Lastly but definitely not least, beside it is where my Wyatt bear sits. I see it before I close my eyes and as soon as I open them.
     I’m sure my boys won’t remember sleeping or climbing into mommy’s bed when they’re older, but I will, and I will cherish each moment as I’m sure my mom does with me. With love- Heather

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