This last month and a half has been a whirlwind. We’ve been just adjusting to life with an infant and toddler, relearning all of those newborn things to look for, teaching big brother  how to be careful with little brother since he thinks that he always HAS to touch him, celebrating a birthday and finally a Baptism.
   Having Patton has brought a different joy into our home. He is a great baby and he sleeps constantly. I’m so thankful for that but even if he cried all of the time, I’d still be thankful. We have plenty of moments when Barrett’s whining and crying, well faking it really, and that gets Patton crying or fussing or Patton is upset and then Barrett decides that’s a perfect time for a tantrum. At the moment, I’ll admit, I lose my mind a little or a lot if Grizzy starts barking too, but after all tears have been shed and I pull myself together, I get a quiet second and thank the Lord for the chaos that just occurred. Keeping things in perspective is way up there on my priority list.
  The holidays are always so busy and this year will be no difference, but I have 2 little reasons to slow down and one little in heaven to constantly remind me.
With love- Heather

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