3 little boys

  “How many children do you have?” I’ve addressed that question more times within the last week than I have since I had my first 3 years ago. I’ve spoken of my angel Wyatt more than one would think considering we just had little boy #3 last week. My youngest has a feature that is so striking it is the topic of conversation, his hair! He has a head of it and it is jet black. People think it is unreal and then I inform them that all of my boys had a head full of black hair. “ALL” is the word that gets them asking questions. I go through their names and ages, only to be followed by the moment of awkward silence and then they divert the conversation back to his hair.
  When we first lost Wyatt, discussing the number of children I had was crippling because I still held on to the responsibility of him not being here. As I have moved along this path, acknowledging all of my children isn’t as challenging because despite my thoughts on the matter, they are where God planned for them to be.
   When our newest joy was delivered we heard that his umbilical cord was in a knot. He passed every test with flying colors so I didn’t ask further questions on the matter. My thought was that his big brother took care of him.
  So, how many children do I have? I have a toddler sleeping in his big boy bed so that he can grow “way bigger” and be the “best brudder ever,” a newborn sleeping in a bassinet within arms reach of me, and a 1 year old that sleeps in the clouds with the other angels watching over us. With love- Heather

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