This hospital

  Today is the beginning of a whole new chapter for us. It is the day we go home and begin learning how to function with a newborn and a toddler. A year ago when we left the hospital we had to learn how to function with a toddler and an angel in heaven. Time is funny like that.
   This week has been an amazing week filled with amazing people. As I sit here in my hospital bed looking at my sweet Patton sleeping in his hospital crib, I still find it unreal that this is the place we are. In the operating room, I cried every time I heard him cry b/c how could I not? That sound is so precious.
    I’m ready to go home but not for the  same reasons I wanted to go home last year. The walls that I hated looking at don’t look so dark anymore. The silence doesn’t worry me as much. I am so aware that somewhere in this hospital and even on this floor someone is losing a piece of their heart, and I hurt for them because I understand it. I also now understand that it is alright to smile again.
  Our journey of loss is far from over but this hospital has allowed me to definitely climb some hurdles this week.
With love-Heather

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