Angelic Welchs

   My oldest never ceases to amaze me. My nerves are really kicking in with our newest little guy’s upcoming arrival. Today when I picked up Barrett from school (well daycare), I got his craft out of his box. I just laughed because angelic is usually not a descriptive word I think of when I think of Barrett. As we were walking to the car I asked him about his picture. I said, “Is this an angel?” He replied, “Yep, that’s my broder.” (brother) I simply smiled, because he is such a good big brother already to Wyatt. It amazes me how he accepts his angel brother with no hesitation and accepts his role, whether that means talking about him, saying prays for and with him, picking out flowers for him or helping me clean his grave marker. I know my nerves won’t go anywhere until little P is here in my arms, but at least I already know that Barrett will help take good care of him. With love- Heather

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