An unexpected smile

   Here lately I see, hear, and experience things that are gut-wrenching reminders of Wyatt. They aren’t the reminders that make me smile; they are the ones that make miss him more and more. I’m sure it is because his day is approaching and that’s making me apprehensive.
   Yesterday, though, I stumbled across an unexpected smile for him. My husband and I were on a little weekend getaway and were doing the tourist thing. One of the “things to do” in this town is to see St. Elizabeth Catholic Church. I’m Catholic and can deeply appreciate the beauty and awe of older churches, but I usually don’t go visit the local churches unless I’m attending mass. Last night, however, we decided to take one of the roads on the map and see where it took us. It took us to the church. When we got there, I got this different kind of feeling. It is a beautiful church and just has this tranquil feel to it. Upon noticing that it was St. Elizabeth of Hungary, I told my husband that I think she is the patron saint of children who have died, but I wasn’t sure. As we walked around, I found myself smiling or grinning with every feature this church had to share.
   When we returned to our cabin, I looked her up and realized I was right. She is the saint for children who have died. I know I’ve lost a lot of non-Catholics through this post, but if you’re still with me please continue to read. In my faith, saints are significant to us. We don’t worship them and we don’t pray to them. We ask them to pray for us and with us for a particular cause, usually whatever they are the patron of. We simply believe in the power of prayer and the more people praying with us, the better. ( That is the extremely abbreviated explanation of saints.)
    I believe with all that I am that Wyatt is in heaven with all of the children that have left us too soon (in our minds) and with his family. Sure, he’s got God up there and what is better than that, but he also has St. Elizabeth.
  Regardless of your stance on saints, isn’t it great to think that our babies are cared for by great people who have gone before them?
 -With Love, Heather

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