His Day


    As August 18th approaches, I keep asking myself “What do I call this day?” Some call it an anniversary; others call it an angelversary; some can actually refer to it as a birthday; while there are those that call it a heaven birthday. My mom and dad have both said, “Does it need a name?” I guess it really doesn’t; that date will come around every year regardless of me coining it something.
    It still has not been decided on what we will exactly do for his day, but we know that this year, it will just be a mommy, daddy, big brother thing. I know that I want him to have real flowers for the week of the 18th, instead of his normal silk arrangements he gets every month. I know we will put a balloon or two out there on his grave. What do you do when you go home though? Most of you that read this know how much I love baking a cake or dessert and throwing a party. No party going on and quite possibly no cake this year.
   I hear and read of mothers like me celebrating their sweet angel on their day. I definitely strive to honor the life Wyatt had while inside of me and cherish his memory everyday, but I just don’t think that I’m to that point yet that encompasses everything that the word celebrate means. I’ll get there one day!
-With Love, Heather

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