Pulled every which way

    My world right now is a kaleidoscope of emotions that changes from moment to moment.
    I miss my Wyatt more and more each day. I think I miss him now more than I did initially, if that’s possible. If he were here with me, I’d be working on planning an extravagant first birthday fit for one of my princes. Instead, I’m planning for a walk in memory of him and other precious angel babies and contemplating what I am going to do when August 18th rolls around. I made a new arrangement for his plot and had another awkward conversation with the girl at Michael’s about what the flowers are for.
   I’m scared every morning for this new little boy and thankful for him all at once. I’m finally starting to have those moments of excitement anticipating his arrival.
  I’ve enjoyed getting Barrett prepared for a baby brother with our conversations and books and yet, sad that this little one won’t get to play with both of his big brothers.

Wiggle worm fist pumping

Trying what we can to ready Barrett

His garden sign finally came in.

A new cheery arrangement for my angel

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