New Traditions

    Here we go again. Another first approaches right around the corner, Easter! I keep telling myself that with each holiday and special event, this is going to get easier. Fake it until you make it, right? It is so easy to get caught up in the madness of every holiday we celebrate and every event we host, yet I find myself not really being distracted by these moments, rather, I’m more focused on Wyatt than usual. As I was deciding what in the world we were going to wear for Easter mass and day, I couldn’t help myself but to look at those adorable rompers and outfits for baby boys. When I went to get the books, music, and movie that I’m putting in Barrett’s basket, I felt like I had forgotten something.
     Being surrounded by family will help but not as much as people would think. There will be still be one spot not taken; there won’t be a little boy in a highchair that we’re trying to feed real vegetables to. Though there will be the sound of a little voice, there will only be one. I know we will all enjoy each other, as we always do and we’ll have some great and interesting conversations, some laughs, and make more memories.
    I decided that I would ask family to bring a small flower that could be planted in Wyatt’s garden as a way to honor his memory on this Easter. I think that might be a tradition that we keep going. Having children allows you to begin new traditions, whether they will be celebrating with you on Earth or in Heaven!
    Hold on to those traditions and don’t be afraid to start new ones! With love- Heather

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