Little Brother

     While I was pregnant, my oldest was one; therefore, he really didn’t know what was happening. His world was about to be totally flipped upside down. He was the baby. Heck, he was still called “baby Barrett” by so many people. I couldn’t get him to say “baby” or “brother” or “Wyatt.” I pretty much had given up the battle. Fast forward to life without Wyatt; the boy won’t shut up about babies! Everything little (to him) is a baby. Sometimes I catch him just talking away, which isn’t really abnormal for a toddler, but he is focused on something while he is talking. Sometimes he’ll just randomly look a certain direction and grin or smile. Now, this could be just the mind of a toddler that doesn’t know he’s a toddler, but I would like to think that it’s Wyatt. People say that children feel, sense, see, know things that adults can’t because logic has taken us over. They don’t know any different. I finally took Barrett with me to Wyatt’s grave about a month ago. At that time, there were several trucks and cars on and around Wyatt’s grave marker. Barrett instantly noticed those first, but he didn’t touch them. He pointed them out to me saying, “Look, mama, trucks!” I told him that they were his little brother’s trucks. He took one of the cars and started playing with it as I was cleaning the leaves off of the area. When it was time to go, I told him to put the car back and tell Wyatt bye and he’ll see him later. To my surprise, without a fight at all, he put the car down, walked away, but then turned around and said “Bye Wyatt, see you later alligator.” I immediately balled like a baby. We talk about Wyatt at home and even if Barrett really doesn’t get everything we’re saying, I truly believe that he gets that he HAS a little brother. While I was pregnant, we all said that Wyatt was going to have to be the voice of reason for Barrett, since Barrett lives up to his full name, Barrett Cannon. I think Wyatt still will be that voice for Barrett. Barrett just realize how good of connections his little brother really has! 

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